Terms and Conditions
These General Terms and Conditions of Contract together with the "Privacy Policies", the "General Terms and Conditions of the Web", the "Specific Terms and Conditions of the Web" and "The Particular Conditions" that are described on the Internet website called TUKU TRAVEL PERU (hereinafter, the "Web"), regulate the use and services provided through the Portal when you register (register an account), reserve or purchase a service.

After accepting a service offered by TUKU TRAVEL PERU , you acquire the status of CLIENT of the Web (hereinafter, the “Customer”) and implies your acceptance and agreement with these “General Terms and Conditions of Contract“, the " Privacy Policies", the "General Terms and Conditions of the Web" and the "Specific Terms and Conditions of the Web" that are described on the Portal in the contractual relationship with TUKU TRAVEL PERU and the advertiser or also called the Offering User or the "Provider", hereinafter, simply referred to as the "Provider", respectively.
2.1 Possibility to register.
Registration is limited to natural persons. In the case of a company or legal entity registration, the person making the registration must be duly authorized to act on behalf of the company or legal entity, as applicable.

2.2 Truthful Information.
The CLIENT is obliged to provide accurate and updated information. TUKU TRAVEL PERU is not responsible if a reserved service required by the CLIENT cannot be carried out or other damages occur due to incorrect or outdated information.

2.3 Communication.
If the Client reserves a certain service, all the reservation and payment processes, cancellation of the reservation, and any other service directly linked to the contracted service, must necessarily be carried out using the forms specifically designed for the company, for which the CLIENT will receive links in the email(s) or other communication channels provided by TUKU TRAVEL PERU once the reservation process is completed. If the channels specified for this are not used, difficulties may arise in the correct execution or cancellation of the contracted service. In this case, TUKU TRAVEL PERU is not responsible and is free of all liability.

2.4 Reservation Process.
If the Client decides to book a specific tour or other tourist service, it is necessary to make the request and payment through the corresponding reservation interface that TUKU TRAVEL manage and enter the correct information.

2.5 The acceptance of the package tour
The reservation system is automatic once the payment has been made.
TUKU TRAVEL PERU automatically accepts the request once the payment is made. The charges for the reservation service will be deducted from your credit card or bank account, or wire transfer also. After this, the contract between you and the provider becomes effective. You will be notified of the confirmation of your request by the communication channel.
TUKU TRAVEL PERU together with its operators offer the agreed services and outstanding service
To use the services offered by TUKU TRAVEL PERU, in some cases users must provide certain personal data.

In accordance with Law No. 29733, Personal Data Protection Law, from the moment of entering and/or using the portal, the user gives express consent to TUKU TRAVEL PERU for the processing of personal data that is provided or that are facilitated through your entry to the portal or by any means.

Personal data will be incorporated into the Client file owned by TUKU TRAVEL PERÚ. Your data will be used in the administrative and commercial management of the user's request and a possible contractual relationship with TUKU TRAVEL PERU.

Your personal information is processed and stored on servers or magnetic media that maintain high standards of security and protection, both physical and technological. Once the User's data is registered, TUKU TRAVEL PERU will not sell, rent or share personal information, except in the ways established in its policies, and within the limits permitted by Peruvian regulations.

The data will be kept in the file as long as they are considered useful for the purpose that you can provide and offer your services and process them, send you by any means or support information and publicity about the offers, promotions and recommendations of TUKU TRAVEL PERU and third parties that you consider pertinent. , as well as to carry out surveys, statistics and analysis of market trends.

The User authorizes TUKU TRAVEL PERU to keep their data once the contractual relationship has ended, for compliance with the relevant legal obligations, and so that they can receive advertising information and commercial offers.

As soon as the relevant provisions of Law No. 29733 enter into force, the User is assisted in exercising the rights of access, rectification, opposition, and cancellation of personal data, which may be exercised through the contact option that we make available to you.

The user is responsible for the veracity of the data provided by him, TUKU TRAVEL PERU reserving the right to exclude it, impose sanctions or make the respective complaints, in case of verifying the falsity or inaccuracy of the same.

In any case, if the User does not wish to continue receiving such communications, they may revoke the authorization to receive received hereby, for which they must contact TUKU TRAVEL PERU through the Portal, in order to be removed from its database.
4.1 Position of TUKU TRAVEL PERU
TUKU TRAVEL PERU makes our website available so that the Client can contact us. The services and operators of the TUKU TRAVEL website guarantee quality and safety.

4.2 Responsibility of THE CLIENT
If the Client causes any damage to TUKU TRAVEL PERU, he or she will be obliged to compensate him financially, without prejudice to the criminal actions that may correspond. The CLIENT is particularly responsible for the content entered in the "direct messages" and "comment system" section.

4.3 Responsibility of TUKU TRAVEL PERU.
TUKU TRAVEL is responsible before the CLIENT in case of fraud or inexcusable negligence, duly verified by a Court. TUKU TRAVEL PERU will not assume responsibility for any damage that could have been caused by minor fault, its auxiliary personnel, or the supplier's personnel. Liability is limited to direct damage.

TUKU TRAVEL PERU is excluded from responsibility for computer viruses, spyware programs and other damages caused by computer programs.
The general conditions of use will be applicable even to those CLIENTS who are not registered.
In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection and Defense Code, TUKU TRAVEL PERU has a virtual Claims Book available to the User.
To this end, the User must remember the following:

CLAIM: is a statement that the User wishes to make to TUKU TRAVEL PERU through which he expresses a disagreement related to a product or service that he/she has contracted with our company.

COMPLAINT: is a statement that the User wishes to make to TUKU TRAVEL PERU , through which he expresses a disagreement, which is not directly related to any product or service contracted with our company.