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The curves of the impressive Amazon River make it look like a huge anaconda, if your flight arrives during the day, choose to sit next to the window since seeing it from above is an unmissable experience! One of the greatest treasures of Iquitos is without a doubt its food. A range of flavors, aromas and textures that conquers the palate. Iquitos gives you the opportunity to enjoy and get in touch with nature. The city is home to countless places and attractions where you can observe all kinds of flora and fauna in their natural habitat.
Cusco has the majestic Machu Picchu, considered one of the 7 wonders of the world and its nature, its beautiful landscapes, its strangeness and exoticism, its mysticism, its archaeological monuments and its praiseworthy and strengthened tourism, make Peru a great destination to visit.
Arequipa is the perfect destination to enjoy a vacation full of nature, adventure, history and delicious cuisine. Named as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity, this city is undoubtedly one of those places that you have to visit at least once in your life.

Travellers Reviews

Feedback from our travellers who visited Peru with us.

In 2016 we traveled to Viñak with Tuku! They were three spectacular days, they helped us in everything, they were very detailed! Thank you, we will be back! - April 2019

Francisco Acuña - Perú

Excellent trip in Pacaya Samiria, they recommended us to Tuku Travel and it was a unique experience! Thank you very much Gian and Cristina !. - October 2018

Kathy & Javier Castellanos - Canadá

Unforgettable trip to Cusco, we visited the main destinations, the beautiful sacred valley, excellent guides and personalized service. Thank you Tuku Travel - September 2019

Ana Rosa & Fabio Lemos - Brasil

I traveled to Ica and Paracas with Tuku Travel, very good attention and professional guides in the explanations and detailed in the attention and what I could see in the tours was fantastic, illustrative and relaxing. I recommend them! - February 2019

Marcos Gamarra - Perú

07-day tour in Cusco, I really appreciate the personalized treatment of Cristina and Gianfranco, they are geniuses !!, many successes. - December 2018

Tania Espinoza - Perú

It was a Super Trip to Cusco to the Sacred Valley, thank you very much Tuku Travel for the tour! - April 2021

Male Aranguena - Perú

Trip to Ica in San Juan Hacienda with a good promotion with Tuku Travel, thanks for the pleasant stay and excellent tour, my family and I were relaxed! We will see you soon. - May 2021

Alonso Portales & Family - Perú

Relaxed days, we had a great time! Thank you Tuku Travel Peru for the promotion and follow-up on our stay !. - July 2021

Lucia Salazar & Family - Perú

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