Payment Policies
    These General Terms and Conditions of Contract ("hereinafter General Terms and Conditions of Contract") together with the "Privacy Policies", the "General Terms and Conditions of the Web", the "Specific Terms and Conditions of the Web" and "The Particular Conditions" that appear described in the Internet Web called TUKU TRAVEL (hereinafter, the "Web"), regulate the use and services provided through the Portal when you register (register an account), reserve or purchase a service.

    After accepting a service offered in TUKU TRAVEL, you acquire the status of CLIENT of the Web (hereinafter, the "Client") and implies your acceptance and agreement with these "General Terms and Conditions of Contract", the " Privacy Policies ", the" General Terms and Conditions of the Web "and the" Specific Terms and Conditions of the Web "that are described in the Portal in the contractual relationship with TUKU TRAVEL and the advertiser or also called the Offering User or the "Provider", hereinafter simply referred to as the "Provider", respectively.
    TUKU TRAVEL uses various processors and payment means such as debit, credit and prepaid cards of the Visa, Mastercard, American Express brands and Deposit to current bank account in the name of the company Tuku Travel Peru S.A.C.

    Our payment gateway is 100% secure and the card details entered are extremely confidential, no data entered is shared.
    If the Client needs to cancel a booked service, it is mandatory to contact the TUKU TRAVEL website at the email: viajeros@tukutravel.com or whatsapp +51 940748076

    3.1 Cancellations by the Client.
    The Client has the right to cancel the purchase up to 15 calendar days before the reserved travel date, charging only 10% for administrative costs and collection. In case there have been ticket purchases, paid reservations of Hotels and Restaurants, they will be debited from the amount to be returned.
    If a Client cancels the purchase within the first 14 days prior to the booked trip date, or if he does not attend the service, he is obliged to pay the full trip price.

    TUKU TRAVEL always advocates for the client, in case he cancels within the first 14 days we will help him to re-schedule the service with an open date, subject to coordination with our provider, TUKU TRAVEL does not guarantee 100% of the re-programming.

    TUKU TRAVEL works with some providers that have their own payment and cancellation policies, TUKU TRAVEL will abide by these policies in the event of a cancellation by the client.

    3.2 Cancellation due to weather issues or force majeure.
    The service in general is subject to variation without prior notice, due to weather conditions (rains, mudslides, overflows, bad weather, etc.), strikes and / or demonstrations and any other event such as war, threat of war, civil strikes, disorders, Terrorist activity (real or threat), earthquakes, technical problems with transportation or equipment, energy failure, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, flood that does not allow the normal development of the itinerary.
    Any cancellation of the service for the reaso
    ns indicated, does not apply refund.
    In such case, TUKU TRAVEL could carry out a contingency plan with an alternative tour.
    If you decide to withdraw before the end of the service, there will be no refund for it.

    3.3 Travel Insurance.
    TUKU TRAVEL and the Provider do not include travel insurance, we recommend you take out the travel insurance of your choice.
    Travel insurance generally protects you (depending on the policy) from expenses incurred due to flight cancellations, theft, loss of luggage, and general cancellation in the event that you are unable to make your trip as a result of illness or other serious circumstances and unforeseen. It can also cover your medical expenses during the trip in case of illness or accident. For International (Non-Peruvian) travelers we recommend Atrio Travel Assist, whose cancellation insurance covers you for up to $ 10,000 per passenger for different reasons, including COVID-19.

    3.4. Modifications made by the Client
    Requests for modifications less than 30 days before the start of your trip must be requested in writing. We will try to adapt all modifications to the agreed itinerary after payment has been made and / or the trip has started.
    However, all charges corresponding to new contracted services will be applied to the passenger, and there will be no refunds for unused services and / or accommodations.

    If you wish to make further modifications to the activities during the course of your trip, we reserve the right to charge an extra fee for administrative charges in addition to the supplier fees. Modifications: changes of hotel, guides, and / or tours. Any substantial changes to the itinerary after full payment has been received will be treated as a cancellation by you.
    If you cannot travel due to disabilities such as illness, being a member of a jury, unemployment, unavoidable work commitment, death or serious illness of a close family member, you may transfer your reservation to a person who is accepted by TUKU TRAVEL provided:
    (i) You request the transfer in writing as soon as possible.
    (ii) Your request is accompanied by the respective documentation on the reason for the transfer and the full details of the person who will replace it must be provided. There will also be administrative charges and the corresponding balance of the new reservation must be paid.
    (iii) Your replacement will be governed by the conditions of the new reservation. The administration fee will be US $ 50 per person, plus any charges of any kind imposed by the suppliers involved in the trip. Please note that airlines often charge 100% for cancellation and the cost of a new ticket.
    (iv.) Keep in mind that the tickets for the Inca Trail are not transferable and would have to be requested
    In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection and Defense Code, TUKU TRAVEL has a virtual Complaints Book available to the User.
    To this end, the User must remember the following:
    CLAIM is a statement that the User wishes to make to TUKU TRAVEL, through which he expresses a disagreement related to a product or service that he has contracted with our company.

    COMPLAINT is a statement that the User wishes to make to TUKU TRAVEL, by means of which he expresses a disagreement, which is not directly related to any product or service contracted with our company.